About Us


We help  our clients actively market their online ratings and reviews, to fully capitalize on their reputations and position them to create an UNfair competitive advantage.

Online Reputation Trust is solely in business to help our clients capitalize on their great customer feedback.

Our proprietary systems ensure that your positive reviews and ratings show up in the best possible locations on the Internet—places where searchers continually go to discover more about you and your competitors in the marketplace.

We help you develop a 5-star orientation within your staff. And we  provide you with an immediate opportunity to respond to any negative reviews before they make it to the Internet.

We serve businesses that typically involve high transactional value and whose online reputations have a significant correlation to their bottom line profitability.  

You’ll love our innovative and aggressive approach to actively pushing your profile and positioning your business online. You’ll benefit from our coaching style in working with your business and understanding your marketplace plus you’ll appreciate the online resources we provide to help you with your traditional marketing and staff training, too.  

You’ll discover quickly that we’re always in it to win it for the clients we carefully select; those who are already dedicated to delivering – and becoming well-known– for delivering truly great products and services, but may not be fairly represented online for their efforts.

You’ll benefit from our world-class systems which intentionally take advantage of emerging technology, changing trends and developing techniques to keep your business ahead of you competitors. When you work with us at Online Reputation Trust, you’ll quickly trust us to actively market (not simply monitor) your online reputation and provide you with the information and leadership tools others simply do not provide..

Our founder, D. Wendal Attig is a well-known expert, coach, author and speaker on positioning and brands and companies to compete effectively in their marketplaces. His commitment to keeping our services on the cutting edge is a continual benefit to our clients – who have the luxury of doing the same in their respective fields. Together we become a trusted team, working together to ensure success.