Online Reputation Management

Your business may be on the map, but when they click, what will they find for reviews? Are they fair? Should you care? The playing field has changed in competitive business. Your patients, clients of customers can share their thoughts about their most recent experience with your business in a heartbeat--sometimes before they leave your office or store. That feedback attaches itself to your business profile online immediately, affecting your competitive positioning. We work with small to mid-sized businesses to repair online reputations so they reflect the real truth and reposition your business to compete for the consideration you deserve.

Online Reputation Management or Marketing?

If these two terms sound confusing, here's one way to look at it: Management is like playing defense on a football team. You react to what the other team does. In this case you react to customer, client or patient feedback. Marketing on the other hand is like playing offense -- get ahead of the opposition, do whatever it takes to counter them, but intend to score with your actions. A great football team has both a defensive and an offensive strategy, but most often scoring happens when they have possession of the ball and take action to reach to goal line.

Online Reputation Marketing

Once your online reputation system is in place and working well, it's time to take your reputation, your story, and the praise your clients, patients or customers have rewarded you with to the streets---take it online and make it pay off. There is frankly no sense in stopping short of the goal line, when the fans in the stands (Your happiest clients, patients or customers) are cheering for you. Talk with us about how you can put the experts from Online Reputation Trust on your team. Take it all the way and score for your company.